Goal Attainment


4SightGPS is the philosophy, framework & CONTROLLABLE software solution that enables goal attainment for large organizations and advanced systems.


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Challenges Attaining Strategic Organizational Goals


Productivity: Organizations are faced with the daunting & time consuming task

of connecting disparate tools & processes to support 

goal attainment workflows. 

Scalability: Multiple software tools are used to attempt to understand

data. Different business processes are used along with 

tools to accomplish goals. 

These methods do not allow multi-dimensional, dynamic Organizations

to scale goal attainment efforts to reach goals across all 

levels of an Enterprise efficiently. 

Repeatability: Disconnected approaches do not allow Organizations

to make informed decisions from a central continually 

learning body of knowledge. 


Proprietary Technology

We've built a bio-inspired, black box solution that allows 

Organizations to continually monitor, at scale, all end point 

solutions to create a visual roadmap for Goal Attainment.

  • 4SightGPS builds a roadmap & tracking framework of the factors needed to attain Organizational goals by building data interlinks.

  • 4SightGPS pulls together relevant data resulting in a real-time dashboard of what is valuable to the Organization.

  • Insights are matriculated throughout the system allowing for midcourse corrections.


How it Works

Our black box solution uses "first principles" to organize and orchestrate goal attainment components into the 4SIGHTGPS

proven theory framework before being uploaded into the 4SightGPS application. 4SightGPS...

  • Ties in existing Enterprise tools.

  • Aligns participant efforts to goals.

  • Provides repeatable success Roadmaps.

  • Establishes a corporate learning environment.

  • Enables goal focused Enterprise collaboration.

4SightGPS accelerates Goal Attainment.


A Neural Network Model for the Decision-Making Process Based on AHP


Satoshi Matsuda, Dept. of Mathematical Information Engineering, ​Nihon University


"Decision making is inherently a blackbox, but can be viewed as a multi-objective satisfaction problem;one selects one of the alternatives that satisfies all the objectives to the greatest degree possible.  Figure 1. Hierarchy of the School-Selection shows the hierarchal process for solving problems."

4SightGPS provides the platform that allows Organizations to frame multi-objective satisfaction problems in order to scale their efforts to reach goals at scale.  

4SightGPS controllable software solution accelerates goal attainment and problem solving. 4SightGPS ties together existing goal attainment workflows to provide an end-to-end solution that ensures Organizations reach strategic and critical goals set forth by organizational leadership.

Datasets include:

Organizational Goals

Organization Performance




Employee Goals

Employee Performance


Corrective Actions

Performance Parameters

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