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Directed Analytics (DA) specializes in consulting and developing technical solutions that help clients transform their programs into goal attainment systems. These measurable systems establish a predictable method for accomplishing goals.This solution is made possible by Directed Analytics’ proprietary software solution, 4SightGPS. The framework was developed with the sole purpose of helping organizations easily understand and visualize how to reach their goals and repeat success. 

Directed Analytics may not have all the answers, but it built 4SightGPS as a platform that helps its customers find the answers.  DA provides scalable solutions to rigorous goal attainment problems.


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"Our belief is that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are tools that can be used to support the human decision making process. not replace it. Our solutions are designed with this in mind. We develop solutions with the practitioner being the sole expert."

Our Values & Mission

DA incorporates a consultative approach that respects stakeholder equities. It aligns a training approach to a broader framework at a data level underpinned by its proprietary software, 4SightGPS. 4SightGPS ensures the immediate goal attainment problem can be addressed while also allowing the ecosystem to create institutional knowledge. Using 4SightGPS, DA employs fundamental engineering principles to provide a system-wide solution that helps Organizations best direct their efforts to efficiently attain goals.

DA's belief is that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are tools that can be used to support the human decision making process, not replace it. DA's solutions are designed with this in mind. They develop solutions with the practitioner being the sole expert. Their solutions amplify the practitioners ability to solve problems at scale.

Why Directed Analytics?

Organizations large and small are challenged to reach critical goals. Modern environments and the complexity of modern goals are driving the need for a solution that is reliable and repeatable. Directed Analytics is pioneering the goal attainment philosophy, framework and technology needed by 21st century programs. For Organizational growth and sustainability, Directed Analytics has the know-how, experience and expertise for partnering toward goal attainment.




Working with DA allows Organizations to understand how day-to-day activities affect goal outcomes. DA aligns success factors with strategic and critical Organizational goals to increase the efficacy of goal oriented programs across an Enterprise.

There are data gaps, overlaps and distractions that exist in most goal attainment initiatives. DA understands how to combine these factors and display them meaningfully through visualizations within 4SightGPS.

4SightGPS is a black box, software solution that ties together existing tools, processes and workflows to enable goal attainment. DA works with Organizations to integrate its solution in a way that aligns its strategy from the top down.

Client Success Story

In Feb 2016, Derrick Wesley, Program Director for the Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) Program for Successful Employment (PSE) took on the challenge to build a program to help students with cognitive learning disorders develop skills to live independently and obtain employment. Derrick started by developing coursework to help his students learn critical independent and employability skills. Then, he developed assessments to help his staff understand student proficiency levels. Finally, he incorporated on-the-job training to allow his students to further develop their skills and apply what they learned.

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