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By Directed Analytics | Updated 12/24/2019

What is Adaptability?

Dictionary.com defines it as:

1. The capability of being adapted.

2. Able to adjust oneself readily to different Conditions.

Adaptability Explained within 4SightGPS

Adaptability is the ability of a system composing of people, things and processes to adopt and successfully integrate with  a significant change. 

Many organizations implement change as part of a goal attainment program to increase productivity, efficiency or both. Once it has been proven that the system is agreeable with the change, it must then be proven that the system can adapt to the change. A system may want a change, but it must be able to adapt to it.

Adaptability is also important because it defines how long it will take before a change is completely integrated into the existing system.

An example of adaptability is the time it takes the body to adjust to a hotter climate and the changes the body goes through to fully adapt to the changes.

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