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4SightGPS Approach to Lupus

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The greatest discoveries ever made are not remembered for their theoretical constructs, but for their actual use to serving humanity.


As stated in a previous blog on artificial intelligence, 4SightGPS was not created as an alternative or replacement for artificial intelligence except for in one area; Complicated Goal Attainment.

An argument can be made that most of the world’s hardest problems have been solved, or are close to being solved while others will argue that the hardest problems are uncountable.

We do not disagree with either, but instead focus on the person posing the question. Our focus is on the latter. This is because there are many issues today that are complex in scope, but may only affect a small part of society, or that may not be totally understood by those would be investors in the solution.

A better way for the scientific and medical communities.

A Bright Future

There are 100s of industries we believe 4SightGPS can help, but we are laser focused on a few in particular. These include healthcare, climate change, corporate inefficiency and transportation at the moment. However, the case for additional applications appear to grow daily. The easiest way that we've found to show the capacity of 4SightGPS is via a use case. This blog will be a discussion of a use case regarding a problem that is very near and dear to so many, lupus. The lupus use case represents only a subset of the healthcare industry’s diseases that we hope to help as there are many 4SightGPS is poised to play a critical role in curing.

4SightGPS plays a vital role and is a key piece of the collective environment needed to solve next generation problems.

Use Case

In the healthcare field, there are many afflictions to address. Some minor, and some major. Some affecting large communities and some only affecting mere hundreds or thousands. Admittedly, we do not know how many problems 4SightGPS can be applied to; however, we project it to be many, if not all. This point will be further explored in a future blog, but for now, we would like to focus on Lupus – A chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs) according to Lupus.org. The site goes on to state that lupus can affect a person's heart, kidneys, eyes and other areas. Additionally, it could lead to strokes. Lupus.org also states that 90% of all lupus patients are women with 1 out of every 250 African American women developing the disease. There are approximately 23.5 million African American women in the United States, resulting in approximately 94,000 African American women who suffer from this incurable disease.

The point to be recognized here is that there are diseases with dire consequences within communities that are largely overlooked by the medical field. Awareness is a part of the problem, but a bigger part of the problem is the inability to attack multiple, complicated problems at once, so that no community is left behind.

We have conducted research and we have interviewed medical professionals and patients alike to understand the etiology of lupus. We are encouraged by the support in the community and our ability to help sufferers of this chronic disease.

The only thing that separates a team with the know-how to solve a problem from attaining the solution is time.


The term team is used here loosely to describe the variables that will exist in a lupus pilot. The term “team” here not only refers to the people involved, but also the things involved. A bird’s eye view of the 4SightGPS lupus team consists of the monitor which will more than likely be a medical doctor, research scientist, naturopathologists or some combination of the aforementioned depending on the partnership agreement. It will also include:

  • The patient,

  • Potential cures,

  • Therapies,

  • Activities and lifestyle changes among other inputs,

  • Relevant hardware, software, tests & monitors, and

  • 4SightGPS.

The melding of practitioner's knowledge with the 4SightGPS philosophy should be quite natural as one is simply the extension of the other's scientific foundation.


The monitor’s role will largely be defined as the pilot authority. It will mainly include maintaining patient safety and well-being, while providing invaluable feedback and recommendations. They are ultimately responsible for the attainment of each individual and overarching goal created. We at Directed Analytics generically refer to this person as the practitioner – an expert in the area of interest with the ability to combine his or her knowledge, experience and education into best guess scenarios that give them the highest probability of being correct when compared to any available source, person or artificial intelligence.

It is essential for the patients to be involved in the decision-making process of the pilot as no progress is attainable without their supportive consent.

Patient’s Role

Each patient in the pilot is likely more familiar with their own body than their doctor is, but they may not know what they actually know. This is something the 4SightGPS framework brings to the surface, the secrets locked within us that in their current form, can't be articulated and expressed in any useful manner. Patient feedback and intuition are paramount to successful pilots.


As explained in an earlier blog, 4SightGPS is the philosophy, framework and application for rapidly solving complicated problems such as lupus. Conducting a pilot of this magnitude and scope needs to be as tightly controlled and as efficient as possible to move at the maximum speed allowed by the principles of nature that govern lupus. In short, 4SightGPS ties together all of the moving parts and creates the highways of communication needed to make the best decisions based on the empirical information available at the time. This system will effectively push the practitioner through the maze of uncertainty as fast as possible with minimum retracement and in the overall correct direction to eventual goal attainment.

By no means do we believe these are easy challenges and that they will not take a massive amount of work and effort to complete. However, we confidently believe that the professionals and invested people in these communities are already intellectually up to the task and through their actions have proven they are dedicated to the end. So, we hope 4SightGPS will be the last significant piece of the puzzle. No job can be completed without the right tools. 4SightGPS can be that tool, that delivers an evolutionary leap for acute, modern problems.

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