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A Case Study in Increasing ROI for Field Service Engineer Labor Costs - Part 2

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

This article is a continuation of Part 1 of our case study in increasing FSE ROI. In this article we will discuss the next phase (Phase 2) of the development of our client's Goal Attainment Program. This phase consists of determining the activities that our client's program needs to complete to reach the goals of his organization. Additionally, it consists of creating the performance criteria that our client will use to measure the progress of his program. The final deliverable of this phase are *measurable roadmaps that our client, along with his team will use to efficiently reach their goals.

*Measurable Roadmaps - Detailed goal attainment plans consisting of a sequence of critical activities and factors that enables decision makers to understand how well their teams perform against established performance criteria and where they need to make adjustments to keep their teams on track to reach organizational goals.

Complicated Goal Attainment

Is the process of attaining extensive organizational goals, which are comprised of numerous variables that affect the outputs of that organization.

- Directed Analytics

Goal Attainment Program Development Phase 2 - Measurable Roadmaps

Initial Analysis

For the Initial Analysis portion of this phase, we examined the information from Phase 1 - Working Session to determine how to structure our approach for developing a solution that would allow our client to achieve his organizational & program goals and allow his team to achieve their career goals within the constraints of his program, e.g., schedule of course offerings, number of senior level mentors, etc.


For the Analysis portion of this phase, we studied the organizational, program, and career goals that we captured from our working session. We also studied the feedback provided by the team concerning the operational challenges and inefficiencies that they experienced in their roles. Next, we assigned a "reduction in cost target" to each organizational goal.


For the Alignment portion of this phase, we started with our client's organizational level goals and mapped them to his program goals. Next, we mapped our client's program level goals to his employee level goals. Resulting in the alignment of the factors, activities, criteria, and metrics that were required for our client to effectively achieve his target cost reductions.

Measurable Roadmaps

Based on the results from the Analysis and Alignment portions of this phase, we developed measurable roadmaps for each FSE level, consisting of a sequence of the factors, activities, criteria, and metrics that were needed to achieve productivity for the 3 FSE levels across all 3 modalities. The resulting solution provides significant reductions in the time required to increase FSE productivity at each level, for each modality while meeting organizational, program, and career goals. Additionally, because this solution considered the entirety of our client's program, it met his requirement of "not negatively impacting the program's staffing levels or customer service quality."

*FSE productivity is defined as the ability for an FSE to independently perform Preventative Maintenance (PM) and resolve service calls for a modality.

Increasing FSE ROI Labor Cost Series - Part 3

Join us for Part 3 of this series, where we will discuss our approach for estimating our client's  FSE 1, FSE 2, and FSE 3 labor cost reductions.

At Directed Analytics we specialize in developing and implementing Goal Attainment program solutions for organizations. With an established Goal Attainment Program leaders and staff members are able to understand how their efforts contribute to the success of their organizations.

At Directed Analytics we've created 4SightGPS, the philosophy, framework, and Controllable Software Solution for accelerating Complicated Goal Attainment.

Contact us at info@directedanalytics.com to learn more about Goal Attainment Programs.

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