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A Case Study in Increasing ROI for Field Service Engineer Labor Costs - Part 3

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

This article is a continuation of Part 2 of our case study in increasing FSE labor cost ROI. In this case study we will discuss our projected labor cost reductions and our approach for rolling out a Goal Attainment Program across an enterprise.


4SightGPS is the philosophy, framework, and controllable software solution that enables Complicated Goal Attainment and complicated problem solving. The philosophy and framework elements, allow us to structure our thinking & efforts so that we are able to understand how a system responds to the various factors that could contribute to the attainment of our goals.

Projected Labor Cost Reduction Analysis


The first step for calculating our client's projected labor cost reductions was establishing the baseline for FSE proficiency timelines by FSE level. Next, we analyzed the sequence of activities that were developed in Phase 2, to determine what FSE proficiency timeline reductions were possible. From there, we were able to calculate "the best possible FSE proficiency timeline & percentage labor cost reductions" shown below.

  • FSE 1 productivity in 8 months vs 15, equaling a 45% reduction in FSE 1 labor costs

  • FSE 2 productivity in 35 months vs 50, equaling a 30% reduction in FSE 2 labor costs

  • FSE 3 productivity in 72 months vs 84, equaling a 14% reduction in FSE 3 labor costs

It is important to note that the timeline will vary for each individual to achieve FSE proficiency. Because of this, our client's team will start off with the initial roadmaps that were developed in Phase 2 - Measurable Roadmaps and these roadmaps will be rapidly iterated upon until our client's average FSE proficiency timeline is as close to the projected labor cost reductions as possible.

Goal Attainment Program Development Phase 3 - Enterprise Rollout

The final phase in the development of a Goal Attainment Program is the enterprise rollout. This phase consists of populating the 4SightGPS Controllable Software Solution with the initial roadmaps. After the population is complete, each member of the enterprise is provided with an account containing their roadmaps which can be further customized. Lastly, our 4SightGPS software is connected to existing Enterprise data systems, to pull in relevant performance data.

Goal Attainment Program Benefits

4SightGPS which is our holistic approach enables organizations to accelerate Complicated Goal Attainment at scale while considering the entirety of a system to avoid pitfalls.

With 4SightGPS organizations achieve:

  • A simplified problem-solving framework to pinpoint root causes & validate hypotheses

  • A library of "what works" to achieve knowledge continuity and avoid unnecessary trial & error

  • An ability to build upon & optimize expert knowledge

Contact us at info@directedanalytics.com to learn more about how we can help your organization reach its strategic goals.

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