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Artificial Intelligence vs. 4SightGPS

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered intelligence demonstrated by machines when compared to intelligence naturally inherent to humans. AI attempts to mimic the cognitive abilities of humans in the areas of learning, problem solving and decision-making. AI is typically implemented through programming hardware or software. The purpose of AI is to complete tasks and solve problems without the assistance of a person. The holy grail of AI is to solve the unsolvable and accomplish the unthinkable. But, at what cost?


The future is shaping up to be either man vs. machine or machine assisting man.


There is a distinct difference among areas of artificial intelligence, but for the purposes of this article, the focus will be on two of the extremes. At one end of the spectrum there is learning based AI that can be simplistic or sophisticated. It will typically have the capability to solve problems and answer questions based on previously learned information similar to Google’s search engine and it may be able to solve problems outside of its existing knowledge by using probability and statistics, inference and relational algorithms. Then there is the other end of the spectrum where AI truly replicates and potentially exceeds the human ability. This AI will be able to have original thoughts and ideas that appear to have manifested out of nowhere. It would be what is recognized as true artificial consciousness.

4SightGPS is the philosophy, framework and software for complex problem solving and task optimization. Similar to AI, it can be programmed into machines and software, but unlike AI, the intellectual essence resides in the practitioner applying 4SightGPS; the human not the machine. 4SightGPS is not in competition with AI, and in many applications, uses AI itself. However, 4SightGPS does provide an alternative to solving the unsolvable and doing the unthinkable, potentially faster than AI. In this alternate future, humans will be in the driver’s seat.

The decisions we make over the next few decades will have far reaching consequences affecting the destiny of humankind.

Pros & Cons

As stated, AI can solve many problems that are impractical for the human brain; especially considering problems that need quick decisions. In many AI applications, quick decisions must be made in a fraction of a second. AI is great at doing this and it provides more autonomy for humans by performing these computations. For example, autonomous vehicles in the near future will enable driverless transportation of people, animals and things. This is a rather sharp example as the AI in this case would be single purposed and it would lack the need and ability for complete autonomous complex thinking.

There are a lot of smart and well respected scientists, technologists and philosophers that believe AI is a danger to humanity, but it seems to be an equal amount of them that do not. While this is a very important point in the AI debate, the applicable aspect of AI for this article focuses on the destiny and desire of humankind and not on an end of days scenario. Who or what will architect the future? Will people design their own lives, or will it be done by an artificial sentient? There is an unquantifiable separation between a god like computer and a simple automaton. When we speak about AI, we many times refer to the ladder and overlay its safeness onto the former. We conclude that those who believe AI is completely safe also see the entire potential of AI as simple automatons.


It's important to build a future that makes the world better than it is today.

This is where 4SightGPS is different and arguably better for the world. 4SightGPS is not simply a means of solving, or not solving a problem, but it also represents the shades of gray between the two points. For example, yes, curing cancer is a good thing, but at what cost to the patient? What if the goal is to cure cancer through natural remedies? What about curing through diet and exercise alone? Do those solutions exist? 4SightGPS forms the ether for all of these possibilities to exist.

The same can be said for any need no matter how consequential the approach is on the benefactor's terms.

There are obvious benefits across the spectrum for artificial intelligence and 4SightGPS; however, it appears - in our biased estimation - that 4SightGPS is the option that gives people a choice in the future. A choice to be who they want to be. It’s not a roadmap to simply live up to “your full potential”, but to live to the potential in any direction you choose in any permutation you so desire. And, for the adept individual, next generation problems can further human progress through 4SightGPS and avoid the dangers of intellectual regression from complacency and reliance on machine thinking.

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