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Implementing Enterprise Wide Programs

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Implementing new programs across an entire organization may not appear to be related to goal attainment, but the activity is indeed a goal attainment program addressable in its entirety by 4SightGPS. Here's a look at why.

Implementing Change

Introducing new workflows, positions, products and businesses into the fabric of an organization is a constant part of corporate evolution. The impact it can have on a company is not always initially apparent, but eventually, the effect will show up in its financial, productivity and growth metrics. The tendency for many organizations is to overlook the significance these changes have on the organization by delegating the task of making the changes work to a team that is not privy to the “big picture” of an organization. This is because the relationship between the leadership's responsibilities and new programs aren’t always captured early in the process. Leadership has a focus on revenue, customer acquisition, new product launches and stakeholders, and they are usually not involved in the day-to-day activities, or the management of those that are involved in them. Once leadership understands how new programs impact the company as a whole, and therefore leadership, the program managers will then be in a better position to align our program objectives with leadership expectations to positively impact the company across the board.

A System for Success

Enterprise wide program implementations are perfect applications for 4SightGPS because 4SightGPS is a holistic solution that naturally uncovers relevant factors that directly, or indirectly contribute to the success of an organizational program. And since an organizational program is simply a factor that contributes to the success of the company as a whole, any point solution that focuses solely on the program itself will be incapable of delivering the desired outcome.

The process of implementing a program using 4SightGPS considers new and existing goals, objectives, initiatives, leadership, personnel, programs, workflows, processes, technologies and customers that are related to the program. This leads to a necessary understanding of the impact of each layer, and adjacent area, so that the correct alignments are made across the board. 


When implemented correctly, workplace changes represent improved productivity, communications and performance. At the program level, it can increase employee satisfaction, create a more knowledgeable personnel and eliminate or prevent frustration from an incoherent system. Leadership should see operational savings, and waste reduction. The company as a whole should see a net increase in efficiency, and efficacy. 


Implementing enterprise wide programs without adequate resources, know-how or planning can have the inverse effect. No company would want to implement a new program if they knew that the net effect would be negative. A neutral impact is not desirable either because new programs usually represent an added workload to the personnel, so if the personnel is expected to do more, the justification of moving forward with the implementation should be made around moving the company forward; not backwards, and not making it stale.

A poorly executed implementation affects all levels of the organization including key stakeholders which is why leadership should be included early and often in the process, so that they can help develop the correct goals and expectations, and ensure the team has adequate resources needed to pursue them.

Bottom Line

Enterprise wide programs come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Their uniqueness often obfuscates the reality that they are in fact goal attainment programs with acute consequences. Missteps in this undertaking can range from minor setbacks to a costly failure. It’s better to approach any enterprise wide program implementation with an expert understanding of how to do so optimally using a proven methodology that will work for the organization; thereby sidestepping many pitfalls that often befall many organizations.

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