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Possibilities of 4SightGPS

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

As we always speak about with our customers, followers and friends, 4SightGPS is a philosophy, framework and software technology. This is true because 4SightGPS represents the science and practicality of a solution that we discovered and invented. It is through this discovery that we hope a great many problems will be solved.

We constantly test the rigor of 4SightGPS to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


We refer to the term philosophy as simply the proven science behind a thing. Our interpretation of philosophy as it applies to 4SightGPS means it is something that has

been theorized, hypothesized, discovered and tested in the real world to be true. And it can be used practically as such. 4SightGPS is not just incrementally better, it is also measurably different than point solutions. This is because 4SightGPS' very nature is holistic, enabling it to deliver fundamentally superior results as it pertains to solving complicated problems.

We indeed started with “first principles” to arrive at the essence of 4SightGPS and we built from there.

Our Perspective

Any meaningful discovery remains an impractical theory until a way to solve real problems is created. Mathematical formulas were created to solve specific problems. The 4SightGPS framework is no different than a formula because like a formula it tells you how to set up a problem to attain the answer you desire. We created a framework or formula if you will, to attack complicated problems that fall within the scope of the 4SightGPS philosophy. Our belief is that any problem can be organized into the 4SightGPS framework. Our framework then presents the problem in a way that allows practitioners to clearly and confidently work toward their goals.

Many times the conditions that afflict most of us are the ones most overlooked.

Real World Applications

We know that it is very easy to put numbers on paper and speak in the theoretical and abstract which is why we are solely focused on real problems for real people and organizations. Our work and research have been applied to helping organizations reach strategic goals, increase efficiencies and overcome autistic limitations that prevent adults with autism from gaining employment and living independently. Additionally, we are working to apply 4SightGPS in a way that markedly improves the lives of lupus sufferers. In the not so distant future, we hope to be a part of solving climate change and transportation problems, massive concerns that affect us all.

One of the best things about using 4SightGPS to solve hard problems is that its readily available for any expert, in any industry, with the fortitude and endurance to take on the problems of their generation.

To unleash the true power of any significant scientific discovery it must be applied to a problem set, tested and then proven. Once proven it can then be applied to real world challenges to deliver results that we could have only dreamed possible.

E=mc^2 is applied in supercomputers. The efficiency of alternating current can be observed in electrical generators. And, the efficacy of a practitioner's ability to solve problems can be increased using the 4SightGPS philosophy, framework and software.

4SightGPS is a proven system for the problems of tomorrow.

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