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Why Point Solutions Don't Work

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

A point solution refers to a technology or process that solves a particular problem or set of problems... or so we think. For example, a performance management system may be implemented to help an organization track employee performance toward pre-established goals, and a KPI software may be implemented to help understand how effectively its employees are performing against important business objectives. As you can see, such capabilities can be great at solving specific problems. So if "the answer" lies within point solutions then why do so many organizations continue to struggle to reach critical business objectives such as increased revenue & margins.

Sophisticated problems are rarely solved by treating the symptoms.

The Problem

While point solutions serve their purpose, they are not designed to provide a comprehensive solution that allows complicated, multifaceted organizations of the 21st century to address the root cause of their problems.

Usually, the process of implementing a point solution does not take into account the impact that its introduction will have on an entire organization. Nor does it lead to an understanding of the underlying causes that led to the observed symptoms. Yes, symptoms… As it turns out, many times, symptoms are thought to be problems.

Addressing individual symptoms ignores the underlying cause.

Typically, as an organization focuses on solving symptoms more distance is created between it and the root cause of the problem. As a result, new symptoms continue to surface. Unfortunately, this approach is not uncommon and eventually leads to new inefficiencies, processes, and problems.

Further, as organizations continue to treat symptoms, the negative impact that the resulting piecemeal of systems and processes have on operations goes unnoticed. Lastly, organizations are still unable to reach revenue and ROI targets.

Understanding the net impact that changes will have on an organization is essential.

Do it right, do it light... Do it wrong, do it long..

To do it right, decision-makers need to first understand the root cause of their problems. This understanding requires a thorough analysis of their organization, including the workforce, systems and processes. The final solution should not only be capable of addressing the root cause of the issue, it should also be capable of adapting over time to efficiently achieve future goals while delivering an overall positive gain to the organization.

At Directed Analytics we've developed the philosophy, theory, framework, and technology for accelerating complicated, multifaceted goal attainment at scale while considering the entirety of an organization to avoid devastating pitfalls. Our solution, 4SightGPS drives efficiencies in business operations and systems resulting in significant increases in revenue & ROI.

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