Directed Analytics Launches New Goal Attainment Training Series

Alexandria, VA, USA, January 2, 2020 09:00 ET, contact company,

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Directed Analytics announced the launch of their coveted "Goal Attainment Program" training series for Service Industry companies. The series will kick off with free webinars that the company believes will expand its brand, offering and expertise for a growing number of corporations.


Directed Analytics CEO, Jody Mitchell recently stated that the company is launching a training series for the purpose of bringing the 4SightGPS philosophy to the world, much like Six Sigma and Kaizen, but in the form of a holistic solution designed for today’s corporate environment. Jody Mitchell described the opportunity recently in an interview. “We already provided training to our customers as a part of our 4SightGPS solution. We just needed to make some tweaks to make it applicable for the executives that we will train in the future. Looking back, it’s really a no-brainer. All corporations are interested in having decisive control over their goal attainment initiatives while growing revenue, decreasing costs, and efficiently scaling processes & employee efforts. There’s currently no service comparable to ours. We think this will be a great source of revenue for us and we’re excited to get this knowledge out to the world."


Data used in January 2019 by NYU cited the gross margin for Healthcare Support Services organizations for example was 14.62%. The benefit of 4SightGPS is increasing gross margin by ~30% or higher while decreasing operational expenses by ~30%. A net value in the millions for many corporations.


A Goal Attainment Program is an executable plan and roadmap to realize goals through increased organizational efficiencies. Most organizations already have goal attainment programs. However, they may define them as process improvement programs, corporate initiatives, corporate efficiency programs or goal management programs. Directed Analytics' training includes how to develop, build and launch Goal Attainment Programs while additionally teaching practitioners how to structure their programs for conversion into a decisively controlled software with predictable attributes.



Directed Analytics, founded in 2014, is the creator of 4SightGPS. 4SightGPS is the philosophy, framework and software technology for attaining corporate goals through organizational efficiencies. 4SightGPS accelerates complicated goal attainment and complex problem solving. The 4SightGPS solution not only accelerates an organization's ability to reach its goals, it also enables corporations to realize substantial revenue gains and cost savings.


Directed Analytics offers training and development services along with an organizational wide Goal Attainment Software. If you are interested in Directed Analytics’ Goal Attainment training or solutions and would like to learn more, you can visit their website The company can be contacted at

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