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  • Directed Analytics (DA) works with program leaders and organizational leadership to clearly define objectives, program goals and individual goals.

  • DA structures their goal attainment program in a way that identifies the success factors that lead to goal attainment.

  • The client's team understands how what they do contribute to the accomplishments of objectives, program goals and individual goals.

  • Finally, everyone understands how to effectively pursue their part in the success of the organization.


Existing Workflow and Processes

  • DA understands how to implement 4SightGPS software solution into existing workflows and processes.

  • This requires a cultural change within the organization that minimizes the impact to day-to-day operations.

  • DA has worked with various organizations and in different markets, so it has designed a process of onboarding that is sensitive to the requirements in diverse and critical workplaces.


Implementing 4SightGPS Goal Attainment Software Solution

  • 4SightGPS ties together existing tools and workflow processes while closing information gaps and removing activity waste, so the factors that matter are identified.

  • DA transforms and formats customer data, so that it can be easily uploaded into the 4SightGPS framework.

  • Customers are confident of how their goal attainment program will perform because DA is very illustrative during the development process.


Equipping Teams for Sustainability

  • During the training session, team members will learn how to identify success factors and how to align them with their goals.

  • DA teaches them the criteria that falls within the success factors and how to make sure the criteria are measurable.

  • The training is followed by how to build a roadmap towards all goals and how 4SightGPS assesses their progress along the way. 

  • At the end of the session, team members have custom roadmaps ensuring that everyone understands and is comfortable with the process.


Solutions and Technical Support

The client organization will designate a Point of Contact (POC) to work with the Directed Analytics Account Manager to resolve any issues that may arise during day-today operations. The client POC will work with internal team members to collect and communicate questions and concerns to the Directed Analytics Account Manager. The client POC will also communicate information from the Directed Analytics Account Manager back to their team. Directed Analytics’ Customer Support hours of service are Monday through Friday, 5 A.M. to 5 P.M. PST.

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